Single Factor Apportionment

Single Factor Apportionment

In 2005, Georgia became the first state in the Southeast to adopt a “Single Factor Gross Receipts” apportionment formula. As indicated by its name, the new “Single Factor Gross Receipts” formula will treat a company’s Gross Receipts, or sales factor, as the only relevant factor in determining the portion of that company’s income that is subject to Georgia income tax. Previously, Georgia used a three-factor apportionment formula, but for the 2008 tax year and thereafter, Georgia property and payroll will not factor into the calculation of a company’s corporate income tax. This new single sales factor apportionment formula significantly reduces the effective rate of Georgia income taxation of Georgia-based manufacturing, distribution and service companies with substantial sales to customers outside Georgia.

Example: Assume that, for the 2009 tax year, In-State Manufacturing Co., Inc. has the following total overall taxable income and gross receipt sales in Georgia as compared to total gross receipt sales:

Taxable Income: $10 million

Percent of Gross Receipts in Georgia: 13%

Accordingly, in 2009, only $1.3 million (.13 x $10 million) of In-State Manufacturing Co., Inc.’s income would be subject to Georgia’s 6% corporate income tax under the new Single Factor Gross Receipts formula. If the sales in Georgia compared to total sales were less than 13%, then the amount subject to Georgia’s income taxes would also be less. In addition, Georgia does not use the so-called “Throw Back Rule,” under which many states tax income from sales of goods or services to out of state customers if the customer’s state does not already tax that income.


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